Alexandra Vasconcelos

Short CV

  • Pharmacist, Naturopath and Phytotherapist
  • Technical Director of Clínicas Viver, Medicina Integrativa – Portugal
  • Master in Integrative and Humanistic Medicine – Instituto Linneo, Madrid and Universidade Atlântica, Lisbon
  • Post-Graduation in Oncological Nutrition – Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon
  • Master in Orthomolecular Nutrition – CENAC – Barcelona, Spain
  • Specialization in Nutrition and Health, Micronutrition and Neuronutrition – SIIN (Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition) – France
  • Specialization in Active Cellular Nutrition – INCA, Madrid 
  • Master in Unicist Homeopathy and Homeopsinetology and member of the International Association of Homeopsinetology
  • Clinical Practice and Graduated in Bioresonance and Bioregulatory Medicine. 
  • Member of ASEPROIM (Associación Española Profesional en Nutrición y Medicina Integrativa)
  • Member of Associación Española de Microimunoterapia (AEMI)
  • Lecturer and trainer at several congresses and specialization courses in the field of Nutrition, Supplementation, Healthy Aging and Disease Prevention. 

Author of

Scientific work

 “Dairy Products: Is There an Impact on Promotion of Prostate Cancer? A Review of the Literature” – Published in Frontiers Front. Nutr., 14 May 2019 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fnut.2019.00062


 “ O Segredo para se Manter Jovem e Saudável” 

“ Jovem e saudável em 21 dia – Programa para reeducar o seu sistema imunitário, reverter e prevenir doenças.”

“O Poder do Jejum Intermitente”

“ As Receitas de O poder do jejum Intermitente”

online courses

    • Jovem e Saudável
    • BioReset 21Dias
    • Doenças Autoimunes
    • Jejum e Imunidade