Terms and Conditions apply to all Products made available by iD CONSULTING at www.ihealthyagings.org/2023.
“Product” or “Products” refers to the participation at the “4TH International Healthy Aging Summit 2022” on March 24TH and 25TH, 2023.
The Customer assumes to accept, without reservation, these Terms and Conditions at the time they are selected, via an electronic click, when setting the Order.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the confirmation of the Order, implies a Contract between iD CONSULTING and the Customer for the supply of the Products made available on the website www.ihealthyagings.org/2023.
Other general order conditions will not apply.

1. Pre-contractual information

Customer is informed that all Products being made available for sale on the website refer to Products concerning the event “4TH International Healthy Aging Summit 2023” and the Official Dinner.

By accessing these Terms and Conditions, the Customer acknowledges that:

a. has full decision-making power or the authorization of the person qualified to do so, thus enjoying the required ability to conclude a Contract with iD CONSULTING;

b. is fully aware on the information contained in these Terms and Conditions and the information relating to the essential characteristics of the Products; such information is included in the descriptions of the Products being made available on the website.
In any case, the Customer is allowed to contact iD CONSULTING via email and/or telephone if further information might be required.


2. Order

Orders can only be made through the official website “4TH IHAS 2023”.
iD CONSULTING guarantees the reliability of the Order through the website.
Customer must accurately verify the selected Product(s), 4TH IHAS 2023, quantities and the eligibility to participate in the “4TH IHAS 2023” as “General Public”, “Professional” or Graduation Student”.

2.1 Order Confirmation
In case iD CONSULTING accepts the Order by validating the mandatory information/documents, the order is acknowledged, issuing a confirmation thereof, which will be sent to the Customer’s email address.

2.2 Order Cancellation
2.2.1 Order Cancellation by iD CONSULTING
An Order may be cancelled by iD CONSULTING if:
a. Mandatory information/documentation is not provided;
b. Mandatory information/documentations is invalid or inadequate for the selected type of registration.

2.3 Modified Order
If any error occurs at the time of the Order (reference, quantity, email address), the Customer must contact iD CONSULTING via email, within 1 hour following the reception of the Order Confirmation, in order to request an immediate change to the Order. Order modification will have the following consequences:
a. Payments already made by the Customer and received by iD CONSULTING will be subject to an administrative fee of 30 euros for Product changes in case of an error in the registered segment (e.g.: participant registered as “Professional” belonging to the “Large” segment “General Public”) plus the value of the difference between the Products;
b. If an incorrect e-mail address is provided, it will not lead to any administrative fees if reported within a maximum of 1 hour after the order.

3. Prices

3.1 Prices
The Price is fixed by iD CONSULTING and might vary according with the purchase date and in agreement with the foreseen registration periods.

The Price invoiced to the Customer will be the Price in effect at the time of the Order, as set out on this website, fees and taxes being included.

Price information is rigorous and transparent, all fees and taxes included in the final price being detailed.

3.2 Invoices
The total Order Price will be indicated on the Invoice issued by iD CONSULTING after Order Confirmation. The Invoice will be sent to the email address provided by the customer.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment methods
The Customer may pay for the Products in accordance with the option indicated on the website, i.e., ATM, MB Way, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal.

For this purpose, the Customer guarantees all the authorizations to use the payment option, at the time of Order registration.
Payments being made through the website are evaluated and monitored.

To avoid any delay due to these confirmations, iD CONSULTING recommends the Customer to indicate, at the time of the Order, the data indicated in the form.

In case that a given transaction is not settled, iD CONSULTING reserves the right to not proceed with the Order.


5. Products Availability

5.1 Availability
iD CONSULTING makes the Products available by issuing an access voucher sent to the email address indicated at the time of Order.
The Customer is responsible for the information provided in the Order: in case of an error in the statement of the data of the recipient of the Order, iD CONSULTING will not be responsible for any impossibility of making the product(s) available.
Changing the data regarding the recipient (e-mail address) after Order payment, for the provision of the ordered product(s), may lead to the payment of administrative fees dealing with management of services and customer information.

5.2 Term of availability
Date of Order delivery will be indicated in the Order Confirmation made by iD CONSULTING and will not exceed the period of 6 working days for validation of the submitted data.


6. Force majeure

The following cases are considered of force majeure: wars, lockouts, riots, strikes, coups d’etat, natural disasters, and, in general, cases recognized by the jurisprudence of the courts as unpredictable, insuperable, or derived from external factors to which the iD CONSULTING is unfamiliar.
iD CONSULTING will not be liable for the breach of any of its contractual obligations insofar as it is due to a case of force majeure, and that situation was not reasonably foreseeable, avoidable or manageable.
In the unlikely event that an impediment to the confirmed participation of communicated speakers occurrs, iD CONSULTING undertakes to ensure alternatives to the scientific contents to be communicated (speaker replacement and/or change of live format to recorded content, for example), not being responsible for any changes if they derive from reasons classified as being “Force Majeure”.


7. General provisions

The set of conditions of these Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire agreement between iD CONSULTING and the Customer regarding its object, and replaces and cancels all statements, negotiations, commitments, oral or written communications, acceptances, agreements and conventions between the Parties, regarding the provisions to which this Agreement applies, or which it provides.


8. Contact

Website: www.ihealthyagings.org/2023
Address: Avenida da Liberdade, 110 | 1269-046 Lisboa – Portugal
Direct contact: +351 213 471 016
E-mail address: suporte@ihealthyagings.org | ihas@ihealthyagings.org